Entry #1


2009-04-19 15:54:22 by frozenm

Hi everyone.
If you're reading this, you're probably wondering who I am.

Well, my name is Terry and I like to dabble in the animation fields. I've tried 2D, 3D and stop motion. Right now, stop motion animation is my favourite, but I am learning how to do flash also, which is why I am here.


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2009-04-21 18:47:56

I would recommend some pre loaders :D

frozenm responds:

I'm still figuring all those things out. Thanks!


2009-04-21 18:53:26

I liked Monarchy a lot for some reason.
Even though it was more like fascism.
But yeah, great job.


2009-04-21 19:32:44

Hello, I love your flashes! I am favoriting you as an artist. A really liked the "really real" one and the "monarchy" (is that the one with the man eating babies?) Anyways, I reaaaaaaly love your flashes! You can download the Newgrounds preloader from the downloads tab at the top of the page. If you ever need any help with flash, PLEASE contact me. I would love to help you cuz YOU ROCK! (I've had about 2 and a half years of flash EXP.)

frozenm responds:

hey, thanks for the advice and the offer, I might just take you up on it.


2009-04-21 20:13:28

You should upload Be Careful What you Wish For, I think people will dig it.

frozenm responds:

in due time ;) Ok, now!


2009-05-03 19:31:07

Where did you learn to animate YOU BEAST

(Updated ) frozenm responds:

at Beast School? ;)


2009-05-05 03:47:16

Go download a Newgrounds preloader, slap it on the first frame of your animation and HEY PRESTO! Preloading is born.


2009-05-09 12:15:40

Oh hey! Just wanted to thank you for being an asshole! I loved how you completely assumed that i put no effort into my flash! Once again, thanks!

frozenm responds:

I don't want to argue, but honestly, moving up and down the top cut out of a head from a picture of chuck norris you copied from the internet with another inserted picture of a ninja copied from the internet doesn't spell out too much effort.
Also, since 305 votes say 1.97/5.00, I'm not the only one who thinks so.


2009-07-19 10:26:39

newgrounds flash portal wants flash not stop motion fuzzy crap


2009-07-19 10:45:46

derp derp


2010-01-13 21:05:06

Terry Ibele?!? Of Ontario? It's Dave from Wilfrid Laurier!! It's been ages, bloke!

Baby fish mouth! Baby fish mouth! God, the memories!


2010-01-17 03:10:44



2010-01-23 08:45:18

yeah foamy is gay